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Central to HJP is the belief that we don’t just fulfill orders, we partner with our customers and clients. You can have an order filled almost anywhere, but partnership is different; it implies a mutually beneficial relationship where we walk together working for each other’s good, and when you look good, we look good.

    "Practically, partnership with HJP means that time spent kitting items to ship to multiple locations can be handed over to the HJP team, freeing up time and hands to focus on core responsibilities. Also, using web stores as a way to empower employees to outfit themselves for work removes the middlemen and streamlines the process."


It takes the right combination of ingredients to thrive, the right conditions that breed positive results. For HJP those things are service, satisfaction, and going the extra mile. We find when those elements combine there’s no where to go but up.

  "Little touches like, they took the time to make a custom onsie for a coach's new baby, or a last minute addition to an order when it's an almost impossible ask, make the difference between doing the job and serving well."



Cultivating deep, strong roots takes time and trust. At HJP good partnerships and quality conditions produce trustworthy relationships that span time and continue to add value to your business year after year.

  "One of the things that stands out are the times when something doesn't go right. There's a problem or a miscommunication. They take making things right seriously and fix it quickly. And that has lead to a deep sense of trust. They can be counted on time and again."

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